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Planning Engineer

Planning engineers develop the most appropriate method and sequence of construction operations for a particular project, in conjunction with the site management staff. They plan and oversee the entire programme of work and must anticipate a contract's demands in terms of labour, materials, equipment and technical challenges. As well as ensuring that construction is completed safely to a high technical standard, the planning engineer is also responsible for specifying the timing of the contract. This can be a major responsibility when penalty clauses for late completion are written into project contracts. 

Typical work activities include:

  • Selecting the appropriate techniques and sequence of events for a particular project;
  • Presenting schedules of work, often with visual aids such as bar charts and procedures diagrams;
  • Using specialist planning computer software, such as Suretrack or Microsoft Project;
  • Monitoring progress throughout the construction process and comparing this with the projected schedule of work;
  • Liaising with the site agent and surveyor throughout the process, making adjustments to projects as necessary;
  • Providing advice and support on the development of specific systems. 
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